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Nancy Marie Brown

Looking for the Hidden Folk - Hardcover Book

Looking for the Hidden Folk - Hardcover Book

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In exploring how Icelanders interact with nature—and their idea that elves live among us—Nancy Marie Brown shows us how altering our perceptions of the environment can be a crucial first step toward saving it.  

Illuminated by her own encounter with Iceland's Otherworld—in ancient lava fields, on a holy mountain, beside a glacier or an erupting volcano, crossing the cold desert at the island's heart on horseback—Looking for the Hidden Folk offers an intimate conversation about how we look at and find value in nature. It reveals how the words we use and the stories we tell shape the world we see. It argues that our beliefs about the Earth will preserve—or destroy—it.  

Scientists call our time the Anthropocene: The Human Age. Climate change will lead to the mass extinction of numerous animal species unless we humans change our course.  Iceland suggests a different way of thinking about the Earth, one that offers hope.  Icelanders believe in elves—and you should, too.  

288 pages
Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.9 x 8.25 inches

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