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A New Beginning Life on the Frontlines by Anna Eckhoff

A New Beginning Life on the Frontlines by Anna Eckhoff

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From early childhood, Anna Eckhoff dreamed of excitement.  She secretly ran around the  local inner fjord to train for the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo.  But it was not until forty years later that she was able to  live out her childhood dream of combining excitement with travel.  Before then, she managed to fulfill another dream: Getting married and having a lot of children. 

At the age of fifty-six, Anna Eckhoff replaced her secure life in a Danish suburb with the demanding duties of war zones, where she was stationed for the first time.  And despite the many challenges that come with new beginnings so late in life, Anna was never in doubt -- she belonged in the world's hotspots. 

Over the next fifteen years, Anna was on ssecondment ten times, includidng in Iraq, Sudan, Palestine, Afghanistan, Russia and Libya.  Here she met a host of internationsl employees and locals and led a life of both rewarding and exhausting relationships that sometimes made her feel like she was a participant on the TV show Survivor.  Working under the auspices of NGOs, the EU and the UN enabled Anna to experience up close the vastly different interests that govern the course of the world.  

326 pages
9 x 6.25 inches

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