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James Graham-Campbell

Viking Art - Paperback Book

Viking Art - Paperback Book

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The product of a lifetime of study by a leading authority, Viking Art covers all the intricate and beautiful art styles of the Viking Age. It ranges in time from the first major Viking expeditions overseas around AD 800 to the general establishment of Christianity in Scandinavia some 300 years later.

Following an introduction to the geographical and historical background of Viking culture, thematic chapters illustrate the six main Viking art styles and show how they emerged from and interacted with one another, highlighting delicate metalwork, elaborate wood carvings, and the famous Gotland picture stones. Viking art ranges in scale from the Oseberg ship to decorated weapons and finely crafted jewelry, all featured here, alongside architecture and archaeological races left by Vikings across continental Europe and beyond. The final chapter examines Viking art in relation to pagan mythology, the conversion to Christianity, and the Viking influence on later artistic movements.

Thoroughly revised and updated throughout, this volume is a modern classic that serves as a definitive guide for all those interested in the vibrant artistic culture of the fascinating period in European history.

224 color illustrations, 208 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 0.6 x 8.4 inches

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