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Trash, Trolls, and Treasure Hunts by Thomas Dambo

Trash, Trolls, and Treasure Hunts by Thomas Dambo

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Welcome to the unlikely story of how a dedicated dumpster diver from Denmark (that's me) created a worldwide troll-hunting phenomenon. 

I've spent my life going off the beaten path--literally.  I was always the kid crawling into the bushes, jumping over fences, and digging through the trash.  These days, I'm considered the world's leading recycle artist, after spending the past nine years making giant troll sculptures that have drawn millions of people away from their screen and out into the incredible natural world that surrounds us.  

Trash, Trolls, and Treasure Hunts is the story of my first 100 trolls.  Through hundreds of photos, original poems and fairy tales, and behind the scenes highlights,  I share  how my crew and I -- with the help of thousands of volunteers-- scavenged over 250 tons of scrap wood to build a trolliverse spanning 17 countries (and counting!).  

Trash is a treasure.  By sending people on a treasure hunt to find art made of garbage, I hope to create a new appreciation for the things we throw away and chip away at the ugly single-use mentatlity that floods our world with trash.  

Hard cover
441 pages
Real life photos
Complete list of trolls (and years) found on last two pages

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