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Henry Jorgensen

The Way We Were - Paperback Book

The Way We Were - Paperback Book

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Years ago, at the 50th wedding anniversary of friends, author Henry Jorgensen recited a poem he considered most appropriate. The poem was "It Takes a Heap of Living Just to Make a Home."

Now, in this sequel to his book The Way It Was, Jorgensen recalls the "heap of living" that forged his own Montana home, a home he shared with a devoted wife and five children. The Way We Were is more than just a continuation of the fascinating autobiography Jorgensen began in his previous book. It is also a labor of love, a love letter written to Edith, his wife of 45 years. And, perhaps most of all, it is a tribute to "the most important institution of society, the family."

Ranging over the years Jorgensen spent with the Montana Historical Records Survey during the 1930s, as a farmer in eastern Montana, as an inspired teacher and school administrator, and as a loving husband and father, The Way We Were is the deeply moving chronicle of a life well-lived.

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