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Henry Jorgensen

The Way to My Destiny - Paperback Book

The Way to My Destiny - Paperback Book

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In 1926, higher education seemed an impossible dream for a farm boy in northeast Montana. The nearest high school was 15 miles away, but it might as well have been 50 in those days before good roads and school buses made daily commuting possible. To continue beyond the eighth grade, a student had to find room and board in town during the week—a job not at all easy when "the city" was a tiny community of 400 people.

In The Way to My Destiny, author Henry Jorgensen describes how he overcame all obstacles to pursue his passionate love of learning and to earn advanced degrees at college and university. Join him in reminiscing about the years of hard work and good fellowship that laid the foundation upon which his life was built. Along the way, learn how the author, the state, and the nation survived and flourished despite the dark Depression years.

The Way to My Destiny completes a trilogy telling the story of Jorgensen's life from early childhood through his schooling to his years as a family man and educator. Like The Way It Was and The Way We Were, this moving book is an inspiration.

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