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Henry Jorgensen

The Way it Was - Paperback Book

The Way it Was - Paperback Book

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A small, barefoot boy sits beside a churn, diligently turning the crank that will make butter of the sour cream inside. " How long will it take this time?" he wonders. Fifteen minutes, 30 minutes, an hour? Fidgeting a bit, he cranks on, inspired by the luscious glass of buttermilk that will be his reward at job's end.

The Way It Was is the story of that small boy—author Henry Jorgensen—and his struggle toward manhood early in this century. It also is the story of his Danish immigrant parents, his home from the dry farmland of northeastern Montana. At the same time, this is the story of Dagmar, a unique Montana farm community in which a generation of Scandinavian immigrants evolved into Americans. This is the story of real people enduring hard times and exulting in good ones.

Liberally illustrated with never-before-published historical photographs, The Way It Was offers a sensitive and personal glimpse into this nation's past. Read and relive the life of this ordinary—yet extraordinary—Danish family. Read and understand the way it was.

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