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The Viking Heart, How Scandinavians Conquered the World

The Viking Heart, How Scandinavians Conquered the World

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For millennia, Scandinavians lived a remote and rugged existence among the fjords and peaks of the land of the midnight sun.  But when they finally left their homeland in search of opportunity, these wanderers -- including the most famous, the Vikings -- brought their fierce ingenuity, daring, resiliency, and loyalty to the gates of Rome, the steppes of Russia, the courts of Constantinople, and the castles of England and Ireland.  Nowhere would they leave a deeper mark than across the Atlantic, where the Vikings' legacy would become the American Dream. 

In The Viking Heart, New York Times bestselling historian and Pulitzer Prize finalist Arthur Herman melds a compelling narrative with cutting-edge archaeological and DNA research to trace the epic story of this remarkable and diverse people.  He shows how the Scandinavian experience has universal  meaning, and how we can still be inspired by the Vikings' indomitable spirit.  

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