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Edgar B. Madsen

The Shoestring Letters: A Tribute to the Immigrant - Paperback Book

The Shoestring Letters: A Tribute to the Immigrant - Paperback Book

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Retrieved from under a thatched roof in Denmark, a long-forgotten bundle of letters brings this inspiring saga of the American immigrant experience. Ellis Island's dark history is revealed as a solution to an immigration problem vexing the early years of the 20th century. The reformer's identity will surprise you! One letter from 1919 reveals the opportunity Denmark's progressive educational system afforded to women. Another written on board a ship coming to America in 1928 tells what the voyage was really like. Letters from the Great Depression lament hopes dashed by broken economies on both sides of the Atlantic. Trials and triumphs of World War II are recalled, including Denmark's finest hour in 1943. Immigrant children who became our soldiers and sailors are honored. Chicago's cultural melting pot is fondly remembered. After transitioning from Danish folk dancing to the American square dance, one immigrant offers a touching tribute to all who ventured away from their homeland to become Americans.

66 pages
Dimensions: 5.83 x 0.15 x 8.26 inches

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