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Finn Bille

The King's Coin - Paperback Book

The King's Coin - Paperback Book

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A sampling of comments from reviewers of The King's Coin: Danish American Poems:

"...This collection makes a sensually and emotionally rich contribution to the literature of hyphenated identity that should resonate with readers far beyond the borders of both the remembered Denmark and America he so skillfully evokes." Julie K. Allen, Editor, The Bridge: Journal of the Danish-American Heritage Society

"...Reminiscing a lifetime of experiences both as a native son and as an immigrant, Bille explores the discovery of his past and present selves divided between the Old World and the New:..." KB Ballentine, The Light Tears Loose; Almost Everything, Almost Nothing

"...The narrative pulls you and lifts you into the journey in richly fabulating poetic forms, compelling your embrace of the poems in the same way the poet adopts his new country." Peer Louis Aarestrup

81 pages

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