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Scandinavia Travel Guide - Paperback Book

Scandinavia Travel Guide - Paperback Book

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Insight Guide to Scandinavia is a pictorial travel guide in a magazine style providing answers to the key questions before or during your trip: deciding when to go to Scandinavia, choosing what to see, from exploring Stockholm to discovering Helsinki or creating a travel plan to cover key places like Orsa Björnpark, Turku. This is an ideal travel guide for travellers seeking inspiration, in-depth cultural and historical information about Scandinavia as well as a great selection of places to see during your trip. This guidebook has been fully updated post-COVID-19.

The Insight Guide Scandinavia covers: Copenhagen, Zealand, Bornholm; Funen; Jutland; Greenland; The Faroe Islands; Norway; Oslo and its Fjord; Southern Norway; Bergen; The Heart of Norway; The Northwest Coast; Norway's Far North; Sweden; Stockholm; Southern Sweden; Sweden's West Coast; Sweden's Great Lakes; Dalarna; Central Sweden; Northern Sweden; Finland; Helsinki; Southern Finland; Turku; Finland's Lakeland; Finland's West Coast; Karelia and Kuusamo; Finnish Lapland.

424 pages
Dimensions: 6.25 x 9 inches

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