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Nathaniel Hong

Occupied - Paperback Book

Occupied - Paperback Book

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On April 9, 1940, Nazi Germany invaded Denmark and Norway and occupied them both until the end of World War Two. In the beginning, Germany tolerated the continued administration of the country by the Danish government in exchange for law and order and increased Danish exports to support their war effort.

Despite the combined efforts of the German and Danish authorities to suppress opposition and resistance to German occupation, a small, determined band of communists and conservative patriots initiated a Resistance movement that grew into a mass movement by the end of the war.

Along the way, the Danish Resistance carried out a sabotage campaign against Danish firms working for the Germans, published 26 million copies of illegal newspapers, helped force the cooperative Danish government from office, and assisted 95% of the Jews in Denmark to escape to safety in Sweden. Occupied is the first English-language general history of the German Nazi occupation of Denmark to be published in the last 40 years. It is based on a considerable body of new work produced by Danish occupation historians.

374 pages

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