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Rudolph Braëm

My Voyage to America - Hardcover Book

My Voyage to America - Hardcover Book

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My Voyage to America; The Diary of Rudolph Braem, A Danish Merchant (1829-1831)

On January 13, 1829, twenty-eight-year-old Rudolph Gothard Sigvart Braem left his native Denmark to embark upon an adventure to America. He chronicles the two years of his journey, painting vivid and colorful word pictures of the notable people he meets, his impressions of the American way of life, and his feelings about some of its conventions and institutions, including slavery.

Through his apt observations, Rudolph offers readers a retrospective look at a younger America. His initial journey made such an impression on him that he returned a few years later and made New York City his home.

188 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 0.63 x 9 inches

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