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My Favorite Intermissions - Hardcover Book

My Favorite Intermissions - Hardcover Book

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You laugh when Borge sits down at the piano—now that he has sat down at the typewriter, you'll roar. Had Beethoven, Wagner, Berlioz, Mozart and the other great composers in this book known that Victor Borge was watching, perhaps they would have been a little more careful.

As it is, those unrestrained geniuses lived as grandly and passionately as they wrote and left a trail of broken hearts, instruments, and impresarios in their wakes. The author has picked up all the pieces and put them back together in these unexpurgated, sometimes shocking, but totally factual accounts of composers at work, at play, and at mischief. The facts—every outlandish, incredible, unbelievable one of them—are as real as the hilarity. Beethoven in jail? Strauss picketed by his second wife? Mozart writing operas in between billiard shots? Absolutely! 

187 pages

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