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Janet C Hovorka & Amy C Slade

My Danish Ancestor Activity Book

My Danish Ancestor Activity Book

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Come on the quest of a lifetime: the search for how your family came to be and why you are the way you are. Here are the super activities, games, and questions that will help you discover the exciting lives of your Danish Ancestors.

In this activity book you can make some Danish rye bread and learn about Danish sandwiches, sing a Danish folk song, find some Danish family words, complete a dot-to-dot of a famous Danish castle, document what you know about your favorite Danish ancestor, learn about Danish royalty and Danish crests, solve puzzles about famous Danish people, and make a special Julehjerte to honor your Danish ancestor.

Simple projects, recipes, and worksheets make it easy for your busy family to celebrate their Danish heritage. No matter your age, you can help your family accomplish these activities together. As you learn, you can record your family history here to create a new family keepsake and pass your great Danish heritage down to future generations.

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