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Benedikte Ehlers

Live Your Life, Don't Waste It - Hardcover Book

Live Your Life, Don't Waste It - Hardcover Book

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This book is about a life that has been lived and a person of faith who lives in gratitude, and who wholeheartedly values all of life's miracles and joys, be they great or small. 

With a positive approach and enthusiasm for life, Benedikte Ehlers tells about her upbringing on Rømø and the singularly giving and benevolent spirit of the Ehlers family, of which the shining star was her grandfather, Professor Edvard L. Ehlers, who among other achievements named the connective tissue disease Ehlers-Danlos, and whose great contributions were a deciding factor in the eradication of leprosy. 

Through anecdotes, Benedikte shares her active life in Denmark and beyond.  Her work as a church singer at Verstervang church in Viborg kept her connected to home and family, but did not keep her from being an active and popular lecturer all over Denmark, or from "traveling in style" all over the globe with her company Ehlers Travels, organizing exclusive trips for groups and associations.  

Benedikte's unique talent for organization and fundraising blossomed through her long-standing commitment to Inner Wheel in Denmark, and her work for the Soroptimists and the Danish Sisterhood in the USA, when she for some years lived in Eugene, Oregon, together with her husband Poul Olesen. The Museum of Danish America similarly benefitted greatly from her untiring efforts as a member of their board who staunchly supported Danish traditions, roots, and values.  

For many years Benedikte Ehlers has had cancer as a partner in fate. This led her to, at a very early age, make the conscious choice that every single day should be lived and not wasted.  

232 pages

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