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Happy Vegan Christmas - Hardcover Book

Happy Vegan Christmas - Hardcover Book

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Roasted nuts and vegetables, fragrant citrus and cloves, jeweled lingonberries, and cardamom buns fresh from the oven—these are the delights that make a Scandinavian vegan Christmas.

In Happy Vegan Christmas, Karoline Jönsson presents a merry smorgasbord of plant-based Christmas dishes guaranteed to enchant friends and family.

Instead of the usual bubble and squeak, here we find vegan classics to satisfy all guests, such as vegan Swedish meatballs, spiced cabbage pudding, pulled ‘pork’ with jackfruit, pickled courgette, potato and greens pie, sticky buffalo cauliflower, nutty ‘egg’ nog, gingerbread biscuits and chewy panforte. The book includes recipes for baked treats, delicious drinks to keep you warm during the winter nights, and plenty of dishes for a Christmas buffet – to keep you going until New Year! Also included are some crafty ideas to try out during the holidays, such as cultivating winter flowers indoors or making a candle centerpiece, a dried citrus festoon, a wreath, and a wild birdfeeder.

Inspired by both classic Scandinavian Christmas cooking, as well as seasonal dishes from around the world, this is an indispensable treasure trove for the vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian foodie.

160 pages
Dimensions: 7.72 x 0.83 x 10.47 inches

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