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Glenn Henriksen: America: My Country, My Home

Glenn Henriksen: America: My Country, My Home

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16 original solo arrangements by pianist Glenn Henriksen.  

America My Country, My Home is sure to inspire and encourage a sing-along!! A wonderful gift for any American patriot!! 

1. Taps
2. Eternal Father, Strong to Save
2. From a Distance
4. God Bless the USA
5. The Star Spangled Banner
6. America
7. America, the Beautiful
8. Columbis, the Gem of the Ocean
9. This is My Country
10. God Bless America
11. Patriotic Medley
12. Service Songs Four
13. Battle Hymn of the Republic
14. Semper Fidelis
15. The Stars and Stripes Forever
16. God Bless America 

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