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Solvej Todd

Glass in Places - Paperback Book

Glass in Places - Paperback Book

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Every day people are touched by Helle Scharling-Todd's work, whether in California, where she has lived since 1980, in Denmark, where she was born and grew up, or Arenillas, Ecuador, where she worked while her biologist husband was doing fieldwork. Scharling-Todd's works can be found in churches, schools, libraries, on streets and boulevards, and in Ecuador in a public swimming pool. Scharling-Todd can adapt to new surroundings and different people, and create a positive collaboration so that what seemed impossible becomes possible. With her art, she offers her strong character to the public and displays a desire to communicate her appreciation of colors and rhythms to others. This publication allows for wonder and beauty of Helle Scharling-Todd's works of art in glass to be viewed anywhere.

80 pages
Dimensions: 9.5 x 8 inches

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