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John W. Nielsen & Barbara Lund-Jones

Embracing Two Worlds - Paperback Book

Embracing Two Worlds - Paperback Book

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A unique collaboration and continuing celebration of Danish immigrant life from the late 1880s in the heartland of America, Embracing Two Worlds: The Thorvald Muller Family of Kimballton, offers readers a lasting vision of the exhibition of the same name. Through letters, quotes, photographs, and objects we share the courage and love of independence, enterprise, and a deep sense of community that led Thorvald Muller to risk his hard-won security in America by going to Denmark to vote in the 1920 plebiscite.

Like the exhibition which gave "lived textures" of the Mullers' time, the translation of exhibition materials in this richly illustrated and lively book gives voice and presence to collective and collected memories of Danish-American life. Embracing Two Worlds in a first—an exhibition notebook augmented in print—and an important contribution to the literature on museums. The collage of memories wrought by intensive research that underlies successful exhibitions has rarely if ever been foregrounded and preserved as in this book.

180 pages

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