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Martha Loeffler

Boats in the Night - Paperback Book

Boats in the Night - Paperback Book

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Dedicatory plaques along the Avenue of Righteous Gentiles at Jerusalem's Holocaust Memorial. Yad Vashem, read, "To the people of Denmark," and "In memory of King Christian X of Denmark." Why are the Danish people and their king included among those non-Jews who risked their lives to aid Jewish victims of the Nazi Holocaust that engulfed Europe from 1939-1945?

In Boats in the Night: Knud Dyby's Story of Resistance and Rescue, Martha Loeffler helps us to understand why. Through the experiences of Kund Dyby, a former printer, Royal Guardsman, policeman and member of the Danish resistance to the German occupation of Denmark, Ms. Loeffler tells the dramatic story of the rescue of more than 90% of Denmark's Jews. Using his connections with fishing boat skippers, Dyby arranged for the secretive transport of Jews across the sound to safety in Sweden. Boats in the Night is more than a story of individual daring and bravery; it is a testimony to people's resistance to tyranny and their courage to care for each other.

140 pages

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