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A New Life - Hardcover Book

A New Life - Hardcover Book

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In A New Life: Danish emigration to North America as described in letters 1842-1946, Danes who emigrated to North America give vivid, personal impressions of how they began life anew, far from familiar surroundings of home. Passages selected by the authors from among more than a thousand emigrant letters provide a unique glimpse of life on the American prairie as well as on Chicago's notorious South Side. The narratives are presented in a series of themes, ranging from crossing the Atlantic to an inside look at the United States. Although few regretted the decision to emigrate, nearly all suffered pangs of homesickness, and many attempted to imbue their children with a sense of "Danishness". These Danes of the past come alive as they describe both successes and failures in their own words. The Danes Worldwide Archives hope that A New Life will help strengthen the historical identity of Danish-Americans.

215 pages

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